The new partnership allows customers to access Standards Australia’s essential content through Engineering Workbench and Accuris retail store.


Today, Standards Australia, the nation’s peak non-government standards development organisation, announced a partnership with Accuris to collaborate on technologies, standards delivery, and world-class customer experiences.

Starting in April, Australian customers can access Standards Australia’s content, including Australian Standards® and other technical documents such as ISO and IEC materials, through the Accuris retail store or by subscribing through the AI-powered Engineering Workbench platform.

 Accuris, previously part of IHS and relaunched in 2023 as an independent company, has provided engineering firms standards, codes, and regulations management for over 60 years. The company offers access to an extensive collection of industry codes and standards from more than 170 standards development organisations.

It assists more than 6,000 global customers to manage essential information and make faster, more informed decisions.

The partnership with Accuris is a significant step towards Standards Australia's objective of providing businesses and professionals with choice and serving different market needs to access Australian Standards.

Daniel Chidgey, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Standards Australia, said, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Accuris, a leading global organisation, to drive progress and promote positive change for Australian industries.”

"Accuris has been a global leader for more than six decades. They have been instrumental in making standards accessible to users worldwide while simultaneously driving progress and innovation. We are excited to work together, bringing value to the Australian market and meeting its ever-changing standards and compliance needs," Chidgey said.

Jim Thomas, Chief Partnership Office at Accuris, agreed, “At Accuris, we are committed to providing engineering and technical professionals with the accurate and actionable information they need to develop world-changing products,” he said. “We are pleased to offer Standards Australia’s trusted content on our cutting-edge platforms where users can get their questions answered in seconds.”

As part of the partnership, and following the combination of Accuris and Techstreet, Standards Australia and Accuris have also agreed to facilitate the transition of existing Techstreet customers to Accuris.

Visit Standards Australia’s website and the Accuris website to learn more about Accuris (


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