Engineering and technical content platform trusted by standards users globally incorporates AI-powered search, delivering access to critical information in seconds.
Denver, Colo., April 2, 2024  Accuris, a leader in optimizing workflow solutions for engineers, today announced the launch of Engineering Workbench Professional edition (EWB Professional) – the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive engineering platform to date.
EWB Professional helps engineers across all disciplines address many of the industry’s greatest challenges by providing faster, smarter access to critical standards and other technical content through artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search. Trained on millions of curated engineering documents, the platform’s powerful in-document smart search understands standards and uses natural language processing (NLP) to contextualize technical language and reveal information in seconds.
“Engineers are hired to innovate, but in many cases, they spend nearly half of their time manually searching for standards,codes and regulations – or looking for differences between old and new standards,” said Claude Pumilia, Accuris CEO. “EWB Professional reclaims valuable time for engineers so they can spend it designing better products. The platform is a single source of truth for engineers, combining millions of standards and technical resources with AI-powered search.”
In addition to AI search, the EWB Professional platform also includes a new micro-alert feature that allows users to identify specific content in standards and receive alerts when that content changes.
EWB Professional helps engineers solve for common use cases and pain points across engineering workflows, including:
  • Managing changes to requirements over the lifecycle of a product
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, laws, industry standards, and downstream processes – and helping engineers respond quickly when regulations and standards change
  • Monitoring manufacturing and production processes against system requirements constraints – improving quality management, compliance, and cost
  • Accelerating innovation by surfacing external publications, patents, internal lessons learned, and past project data to generate, test, and validate great ideas
  • Access to more information than any other platform, including 2.3 million industry standards, 76 million technical articles, journals, and books, and 107 million patents, patent applications, utility models, and abstracts
Accuris, previously part of IHS and relaunched in 2023 as an independent company, has been in the business of providing standards, codes, and regulations management to engineering firms for more than 60 years.
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